Prayerless Praying…Man’s way, Praying Prayers That Are Heard…God’s Way

Prayerless Praying…Man’s way Praying Prayers That Are Heard…God’s Way

You need to hear these words, as provoking as they may be. Too many people pray only because of a great emergency, some temporary excitement, or a momentous, looming decision. None of the conditions of prayer have been met. We burst into prayer pleading with God to meet our emergency, inflame Him with our momentary excitement, or attempt move Him by our earthshaking decision at hand. What are the conditions of prayer: clean hands, abiding in Christ, and an overriding consideration for His will. Without these conditions—prayerless prayers.

We pray prayerless prayers when we have not submitted to the school of prayer and there is no symphony with our life and that of Jesus. Prayer that has only form and motion and no true substance, no true spirit of prayer, never moves God.

Inviting violence into your life. The decision to really pray.

If we make the purposeful choice to follow the Lord in sanctification, we draw a line in the sand with the enemy and the battle begins. You see, the enemy isn’t disturbed about the nominal Christian who seldom prays and doesn’t mature into a disciple. This person is no threat to the world Satan rules. But the disciple who prays and decides to pursue the fullness of the Lord found in sanctification poses a great threat to all the enemy stands for.

I think we take this whole issue of sanctification way too flippantly. Sanctification can be a violent process. The enemy doesn’t like it, and our flesh rails against it. There is nothing pretty about dying to yourself. Through sanctification the Spirit of God is putting His finger on every aspect of our lives that is not in concert with His purposes. Sanctification is taking everything that captures our attention on this earth and putting it through a filter that only allows those things to pass through that interest God.

Bible Gateway Interview with Tim Cameron

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Can a Sophisticated Person Have Faith Like a Child?

The question you must ask yourself is: Do I really trust my heavenly Father the way a little child trusts?

Your prayers will reveal your belief system when it comes to trust in the Father.

You see, I really do believe my heavenly Father is loving and faithful and has my best interests at heart. I believe He hears my prayers. I believe God the Father looks at me as one of His little children. He calls me up close to Him and says, “Tell Me what is on your heart, son.” He says, “Get quiet and listen to what I say to you.”

So simple, so conversational, so unprofessional, so real. That’s the way He teaches us to pray. He desires the honest simplicity of praying like a little child, not praying to be heard by others or attempting to impress God. Now there is an outlandish thought. Can you imagine trying to impress God with your prayers? What a waste of time.

In coming to our Lord in prayer with the spirit of childlikeness, we will realize the Fatherhood of God in our lives.

Are You Throwing Sticks at the Devil?

Jesus was tempted by the devil to turn a stone into bread while He was fasting in the wilderness. He quoted Scripture to the devil to fend him off. Jesus taught us that we must take His Word deep inside us daily. We are more than just physical beings who need food to survive. We are spiritual creations who need to commune with our God every day.

Most of us are too busy to eat properly. Busyness also keeps us from praying. Busyness keeps us from taking time to study, meditate, and hide God’s Word in our hearts. We have an epidemic in the church of spiritually malnourished people who don’t meet Jesus in the secret place daily in the Word and prayer. The admonitions in the Scripture are numerous and pointed. Meditate on the Word and pray. Your spiritual life depends on it.