How Does Prayer Change Character?

The boldest statement possible exposes the fundamental truth surrounding prayer and character—without prayer there is no supernatural change in the character of the believer. Our sins are freely forgiven. God invites us to know Him intimately. God’s grace allows us the opportunity to experience the gifts of the Spirit. But, He does not give us character.

We do not become more righteous by doing righteous acts. Prayer creates the change in us that produces righteousness. Jesus commanded us to always be on our guard to cover our conduct (Luke 21:34). The most difficult thing about virtue is to live it out. Fervent, persistent, passionate prayer produces right thinking and right living. We have wasted the whole office of prayer if it does not produce godly conduct and character. The very nature of prayer requires us to stop praying or curtail our ungodly conduct. A life that is given to prayer can grow but one direction—in holiness and devotion to Jesus.