Personal References

“Having known Tim Cameron for many years now, it is quite easy for me to find kind things to say about him. When my family was in dire straits, he and his family intervened and laid down their lives help take care of mine. He is a servant who serves with his attitude and action. Tim is a man of utmost integrity, full of wisdom and grace. I have had the privilege of watching him live out his faith for years now and what I have found is that, whether in trying times or in times of plenty, Tim Cameron is still the same man! He looks a lot like Jesus in my mind. I would trust him with my life and would trust him to speak into the life of anyone I personally minister to. I cannot recommend him and his gifts to you and your ministry enough.”

Dennis Jernigan: Minister, Author, Song Receiver, Husband,              Father, and Granddad


During his presentation, Tim Cameron challenged our teachers to be aware that their words do affect children’s lives both positively and negatively. The staff has embraced the Forty-Day Word Fast and are meeting weekly to discuss the book and how they can impact our students. Tim’s vast experience in public and private schools makes him a great resource for any school.
Dan Giddens
Summit Christian Academy
Broken Arrow, OK

I am often asked to do endorsements for people or books. Doing one for Tim Cameron is a complete joy. Rarely will you find a more articulate or quality person than Tim. After the release of his fine book I asked him to speak at a chapel service at Victory Bible College. Tim’s unique insight into fasting words proved to be illuminating, thought provoking and a blessing to our students. Tim followed his message with a powerful ministry of speaking prophetically the Word of God over individual students. I found Tim to be “comfortable in his own skin” carrying powerful insight into people’s lives.
I can recommend Tim without hesitation as a quality ministering agent that is uniquely him. We love Tim Cameron at VBC.

Ron McIntosh
Executive Director, Victory Bible College
President, Ron McIntosh Ministries

Tim Cameron spoke to our morning men’s group and challenged us to consider what is coming out of our mouths. He was vulnerable and transparent as he shared his story of transformation as a man who learned the spiritual power available to those who control their tongues. It was convicting and insightful and many men were moved to take the 40 Day Word Fast and to share this liberating message with friends and family. God bless Tim on his journey to set believers free!

Bryan Craig
Influencers Global Ministries

“Our students were engaged by Tim to reflect on all the scriptures say about the power of the tongue and negative words. His authentic love for the Lord and sincere transparency challenged our students for weeks. Students are moved by truth when it relates to their life. Tim Cameron honors the truth of God’s Word in a way that is real and meaningful to students.”

Kevin Mosley, Upper School Principal, Legacy Christian Academcy,     Frisco, TX


“Tim has always shown a powerful command of the scriptures. He has learned to apply every verse and promise to heart, further maturing this all ready champion of the faith. The result? An even more passionate servant of Jesus Christ, ready to invest his in doing even bigger things than he could have ever dreamed.

Tom McCloud, Publisher, Community Spirit Magazine


Tim is an excellent communicator, a strong leader, and a Godly man. He is a prime example of Psalm 119:11 … “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” He is bold in sharing the good news and was always quick to bring scripture into every conversation I recall having with him. It’s refreshing to meet a man who is eager to apply the Word of God to everyday life. He often shared book recommendations from those that had inspired him. I also admired his love for his wife and the pride he had in his family.

Roxanne Melker, Executive National Vice President & independent consultant, Arbonne International

References for 40 Days Through the Prayers of Jesus

Tim Cameron takes us to the source of all true prayer—the words and example of Jesus Christ Himself. It’s a refreshingly simple approach. What better teacher could there be? And what greater arena for growth? The prayers of Jesus powerfully shape our world to this day, and here is your invitation to join in.
—Pete Greig Cofounder of 24-7 Prayer International Author of Red Moon Rising and Dirty Glory

40 Days rough the Prayers of Jesus is a compelling invitation into a deeper intimacy with God. As Tim Cameron shows you how vital prayer was to Jesus, you’ll find your-self hungering for a greater connection yourself. You’ll no longer see prayer as a rigid obligation but as an endearing lifestyle of engagement with Jesus and the Father that puts everything else about life into perspective. This is a book you won’t want to miss!
—Wayne Jacobsen Author of He Loves Me and coauthor of The Shack

From Jesus’s first recorded prayer at His baptism by John in the Jordan as the heavens opened and the dove descended on Jesus, to the dramatic prayer on the cross, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?,” Tim Cameron has given us an incisive look into the prayer life of Jesus in his new book, 40 Days rough the Prayers of Jesus. I particularly enjoyed day 36, “Forgiving Even the Unforgivable”: “If you don’t give forgiveness, you don’t receive forgiveness.” If you care about prayer, and I know you do, this book is one of the best I’ve read.
—Terry Law Author, founder, and president of World Compassion Ministries

Cameron’s latest book about prayer, 40 Days rough the Prayers of Jesus, is on time. In our busy world we must be reminded that Christ established prayer as our one-on-one link to Him. Unlike the technology we have come to love, with prayer there are no buttons to push, nothing to tap, no dead zones, and no batteries to charge. Prayer, as always, demands our time and emotional presence. Thank you, Tim, for reminding me of the world of prayer I encountered while growing up. Thanks for bringing me back.
—Clifton L. Taulbert International speaker Best-selling author of Eight Habits of the Heart

I have known Tim Cameron and of him most of my life through various academic, family, and professional connections. If you want to know someone, don’t just listen to what they say, but watch what they do. Tim Cameron has always served as a role model to me and many others in this way. Similarly, if we want to know how to pray and communicate with God, we need only follow the examples we have been given. In this book, 40 Days Through the Prayers of Jesus, Tim lays out the road map provided for us all.
—Jim Stovall Best-selling author of The Ultimate Gift

Tim Cameron does an amazing job uncovering Jesus’s examples of prayer in His Word and using them to lead and encourage us in our own daily prayer lives. His book, 40 Days Through the Prayers of Jesus, teaches why, when, where, and how we have been called to pray based on God’s Scripture. I trust that if you are looking for a deeper relationship with your heavenly Father, this will be a great instrument to assist you on that journey!
—Joe White President of Kanakuk Ministries

I have known Tim since college. I thoroughly enjoyed reading from this book, 40 Days rough the Prayers of Jesus. He brings out the simplicity of our relationship with God. Tim helps us see that when we come to God just as a child comes to a loving and caring father, that child-like prayer relationship develops intimacy with God. He shows us that intimacy with God enlarges and deepens our capacity for intimacy with others. That same intimacy with God removes rebellion from our hearts and enables us to surrender and trust in the One who loves us with an ever-lasting love and has our best interests at heart. Tim explains how our prayers reveal our belief system when it comes to trust. Reading this book, you will be reminded that prayer isn’t about trying to look spiritually mature. However, prayer is about living in relationship with God where you talk to Him and He talks to you and He gives you all that you need while here on this earth to fulfill His will.
—Sharon Daugherty Pastor, Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

References for The Forty-Day Word Fast

Words are powerful! They can change the world, and they definitely help form our lives. In many ways, our words prophesy our future. Listen to someone long enough and the clues to their destiny will be revealed. In his book The Forty-Day Word Fast, Tim Cameron reminds us of just how powerful words can be, especially negative ones. Tim then gives concrete steps on how we can change our conversation, which in turn will change our future and ultimately change the world. Fast your way into a new future…through your words.

—Dr. Billy Wilson, President of Oral Roberts University


If life and death are in the power of the tongue, then The Forty-Day Word Fast by Tim Cameron will challenge you to a whole new perspective on life in Christ. Jesus calls us to a fasted lifestyle, and that includes our words. This book issues a clarion call to tame the tongue and to put into practice biblical yet simple keys that will change the course of your life forever.

Roger Nix, senior pastor, Believers Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Jesus said it first, “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.” Paul said it later, “Do everything without complaining and arguing”; and, “Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ.” Tim Cameron made a change in his life that was more than superficial. It was deep, painful, and profound. He got serious about being like Christ. His story cuts through all the excuses, and his method is clear and effective. What would the watching world say about us if we lived this way? I think they would say, “They look like they truly love one another. Maybe we should check this out.”

Bill Hull, author of Jesus Christ, Disciplemaker; Christlike, The Disciple-Making Pastor, and The Disciple-Making Church


It’s interesting that when I read Tim Cameron’s book, God was getting serious with me about cynicism in my own life. One can become hindered by that “little fox” when one lives too long among Christians, as I have for the last four years, and not enough among the world’s peoples where exemplary godly character is constantly required and always tested. This book was good for me, and it will be “healing medicine” for anyone with whom God is working such as He has been on me. Anytime God seeks to help us there will be some “hurting” to do, and this book doesn’t just “deaden the pain.” It’s practical, hopeful stuff here, but it doesn’t let us off easy. I predict that most who read this book will emerge full of gratitude, which is Cameron’s great antidote to the poison of those “little foxes.”

Dr. Robert J. Stamps, dean of chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary and vice president for Spiritual Affairs at Oral Roberts University


As I read this book by Tim Cameron, I was astonished at the practical wisdom, the deep honesty, and the biblical insight that came to me day by day. This book documents the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in the life one man—who now offers to us the path to healing, wholeness, and holiness he has found. The invitation to live in the sanctifying grace of God that is contained in these pages, along with the process of daily spiritual reflection, comes with the assurance that “God did this for me; and I know God can do it for you.”

Thomas R. Albin, dean of The Upper Room Ministries and Ecumenical Relations, and executive director of the United Christian Ashrams of North America


Tim Cameron offers both deep spiritual insight and practical advice in The Forty-Day Word Fast. He transposes the spiritual discipline of fasting from food to fasting from certain words and attitudes that wound relationships and destroy the soul. The first part of the book offers a helpful theological understanding of how fasting from judgment, criticism, sarcasm, complaining, negative words, and gossip can free a person both to hear from others and pronounce over others the words of blessing that we all so desperately need. The second part of the book lays out a practical, forty-day plan to fast from these words and attitudes, and to make this spiritual discipline a habit of the heart in our everyday interactions with family, friends, and coworkers. It is a book that instructs and inspires us to live a more godly and full life, a resource that will benefit all who seek to follow Christ.

Dr. Charles W. Pollard, President of John Brown University and Board Chair of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities