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Prayer and the Word are inseparable and should always go together. In His Word God speaks to me, and in prayer I speak to God. Through the Word the Holy Spirit shows me who God is. The Word also teaches me how sinful I am. It reveals to me all the wonders that God will do for me, and the strength He will give me to do to His will. The Word teaches me how to pray—with strong desire, a firm faith, and constant perseverance. The Word teaches me not only who I am, but who I may become. Above all it reminds me that Chris is the great intercessor and He allows me to pray in His name.

Learn to renew your strength each day in God’s Word and pray according to His will. Do you think it’s impossible for you to be obedient? It may be impossible to you, but not to God. He has promised to “put My Spirit in you so you will obey My laws.” Pray and mediate to these words.

Andrew Murray