What do you want

What do You Really want?

Jesus wants to hear from our own lips not just a general petition for mercy, but the distinct expression of what is our desire. Until we speak it out, He will not answer. Such definite prayer teaches us to know our own needs better. It demands time, and thought, and self-scrutiny to find out what really is out greatest need.

As long as in prayer we just pour out heart in a multitude of petitions, without taking time to see whether every petition is sent with the purpose and expectation of getting an answer, not many will reach the mark. But if, as in silence of soul we bow befoe the Lord, we were to ask such questions s these: What is now really my desire? Do I desire it in faith, expective to receive?

“And Jesus Answered him, and said, What do you want me to do for you?” Mark 10:51
Andrew Murray