Provoking Thoughts On Our Life in Christ



We approach our spiritual life in a rational way. We believe that if a man exercises self-control and is disciplined, and can educate himself spiritually, he can produce a life that will eventually become Christlike. But we forget to take into account one thing, sin. Sin has taken all rationality out of life and made it totally wild!

Sin is not a defect in character. Sin is all out mutiny against everything God stands for. One of two things has to die in us. Either the life of God or sin. The Christian life is not a twelve step self-help program for cleaning up the flesh. God has only one outlook on the sin in our lives. It must die.

If sin rules my life, God’s life in me will wither up and die. If God, through Christ, rules my life, sin will die. And yes, screaming, snotting, whining all the way.

Sin’s final climax was the death of Christ. What was true in history will be true in you and me unless we allow Jesus Christ to rule in our lives. We must deal ruthlessly with sin in our lives.